When it comes to moving, my wife makes the decisions. Since I’ve put her through six moves in twenty years of marriage, it’s the least I can do.

She’s sold on North American Van Lines and has used them in our last three moves.

Our last move is a perfect example of her reasoning. We needed to move from Albany, New York to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and needed to put our entire house in storage in Milwaukee for three weeks. And then we needed to stage the final move over three days.

A staging and scheduling nightmare, but North American took it in stride and met our every need. All told, we worked with four crews; and every worker on every crew was courteous, professional, and very careful with all our goods.

~ Andersons, San Juan, PR

I know small, local movers often, but not always, beat out large national movers on price. However, my experience has been that I get much better consistent service from the nationals.

I recently made a move from Philadelphia to Cincinnati and chose North American Van Lines.

Did I pay more? Yes, I did; but my peace of mind was worth it. Everything from the process to the quality of the truck, the movers themselves, and the equipment they use spoke quality.

North American once again delivered quality, value for cost, and complete satisfaction.

~ Banks Family, North Hampton, MA

After getting estimates from two locals and two nationals, I chose North American Van Lines to move my offices from San Diego to Newport Beach.

The primary reason I chose them was the confidence they gave me when they came for the estimate. They sent a commercial moving specialist who put me totally at ease in their ability to handle my specialized and very expensive equipment.

They brought specialized blocking gear and industrial padding to stabilize sensitive equipment. They also lined up skid loaders to position some of our heavier equipment at our new facilities.

I have every confidence that no other mover I interviewed could have risen to the task like these guys did. They’re true professionals and specialists when it comes to industrial moving.

~ Franklin Family, Irvine, CA

I’m a grizzled veteran when it comes to moving; and a bit of a hard guy to satisfy, I suppose. I have high expectations and don’t hesitate to make them known.

My last move was a textbook case of the way movers should deliver. I hired North American Van Lines to deliver the full monty: from packing everything, labeling all boxes, to doing the full mirror job at the other end: unload and unpack everything.

I placed such faith in these guys that I didn’t even make an appearance at either end. I did have my fiancée meet them at the other end but she didn’t supervise them.

They did an excellent job. They did have a couple small damages but carefully recorded them and communicated with me about it. Excellent move!

~ Kim Family, Springfield, MA

In spite of the fact that I had some rather major damage on my last move: an antique mirror frame was cracked in two places; I still give North American Van Lines very high marks for my move.

First of all, unlike other movers I’ve used in the past, they came forward immediately and admitted the breakage and took full responsibility. Their insurer had me a check within 30 days.

Aside from the damage, everything about the move was positive. They showed up on time, delivered to schedule, and took great care with our goods and were very careful to not mar our bamboo floors on our new house.

~ Hopkins Family, Los Angeles, CA

After our experience with North American Van Lines, we have a renewed faith in the moving industry. I booked the move, and the crew picked up on time, packed me up quickly, damaged NOTHING, and delivered in 3 days.

My last two moves went very badly, and I overpaid so I was hesitant to book another moving company but didn’t have anyone that could help me load a U-Haul so I went out on a limb and went with North American because of their stellar reviews, and they did it right. I’d highly recommend them for their professionalism, care, and decent prices.

~ Condrin Family, San Francisco, CA

I used North American Van Lines for my move from San Diego to Houston. They gave me a phone quote for a four bedroom house at 10,500 pounds. I was told that if the weight came in lower, I would pay less.

I received the shipment after eight days, just as I was told, and there was not a single thing broken. The final bill was adjusted for less weight, just as they said it would be. It’s nice to know that we still have honest companies out there like North American Van Lines. I definitely recommend them; they are the most professional company I have ever used as movers.

~ Gates Family, Sacramento, CA

I came up a little skeptical after shopping for moving van prices for my local move. Some of the Craigslist movers seemed a bit shady. So, in the end, I decided to try North American Van Lines.

Their staff was very easy to talk to. I liked the price and terms and conditions so decided to use them. They were real careful with all my things and handled them like they were their own. They used professional equipment such as dollies and packing materials and straps.

They were on time and moved in a very organized and efficient way. They were very respectful, and even catered to my husband’s every wish. I was very pleased with their service and would recommend them to anyone.

~ Jones Family, Austin, TX

I would rate North American Van Lines very highly. The estimator I spoke with on the phone was very helpful, answered all my questions, and followed up with me on a couple outstanding issues.

They moved us from a three bedroom house in Raleigh to Dallas. We also had them come and pack a number of household items and wrap all the furniture.

They worked tirelessly for five hours straight and did a great job. Thanks to their using an abundance of packing material used, we had absolutely no breakage.

They were there bright and early on moving day and systematically moved everything onto the truck. Moving into our new house, they kept a steady stream of boxes and furniture coming in and brought everything to the right room, as well as set furniture where we wanted it. I give them a solid 9.5!

~ Alder Family, Quincy, IL

I have used North American Van Lines twice and have had no problems. They took great care in moving my furniture and did it quickly and got rid of any packing that I didn’t want.

They brought blankets to cover my fine wood furniture and plastic wrap to wrap anything that may get scratched. They secured boxes if they looked like they might break. They went above and beyond and offered a full packing service, which I chose not to pay for, but they helped me out with some of that stuff anyway.

Based on my experience, I recommend them to anyone I know is moving.

~ Risalvato Family, Tampa, FL