International Moves

At North American International we realize each move is unique. We customize our international moving operations and services to every customer’s unique needs. With 70 plus years of experience as an international mover, you can be certain that North American International has everything you will need to make your international move as smooth as possible.

Our dedicated team of moving specialists and representatives spread all over the world are international moving experts. We help you every step of the way, from planning your move to getting all your goods through customs at your new destination.
Our very personal approach to international moving recognizes that behind each move is a unique individual. Consequently, all moves are different. We specialize in adapting to whatever special concerns you may have and will find a solution that suits you. At North American Van Lines, we approach each problem as an opportunity to show our expertise and to make you happy.

International Moving FAQ

Let us answer every important question you have about your overseas move. North American International takes every opportunity to prepare you for your overseas adventure.. Our priority is to educate you about all the details you need to know and answer all your international moving questions. Check with us on moving cost estimates, other pricing, your moved dates and more.

International Mover Tips

With over 70 years’ experience as an international moving company, we understand the necessity of proper packing. With international moves especially, it is important that you securely pack and protect your belongings.
Let us show you best packing techniques, moving supplies, and tips to ensure your goods arrive in perfect condition, just as you packed them.
Guide for International Moves
Use our detailed guide to learn the best approaches and techniques for your successful international moving experience. Our Guide to a Worry-Free Move, gives you the benefit from of experience we’ve gained by handling thousands of moves just like yours. You’ll find tips about safe packing, padding, and protecting your goods. Our guide also walks you through necessary steps to go through custom clearance at your new international home.

International Moving – Your Guide to Customs & Immigration

Learn all you need to know about customs and immigration procedures. We show what you need to prepare before your move and what to have ready when you arrive at customs in your new home. As experienced international movers, we give you specific customs information for the UK, U.S. and Australia. We show you what you will need for documentation; educate you about restricted items; and other critical moving information. With this information, you are assured of a pleasant and trouble-free move to your new country.